May 29, 2007

"My" Kit

The Gourmet Tart that I put together is now on sale at Lime Tart for (AUS)$29.95. I think shipping to NZ is another $10 but you can always combine shipping. I'm madly creating with "my" kit. It's so much fun to actually feel the items that you've choosen just by looking at a computer screen. You never really know if it's going to 'work' together, but I must say this kit is singing to me. LOL. Love the heavy weight paper from Crate. Nice and sturdy. Here, see for yourself: (or follow the link above)

The new dare is up for No 8 Wired. Multi photo layouts. And we mean more than 6 per page. So if you're doing a 2-pager it will have to have at least 12 pictures on it! I will be sitting this one out. I have too many other commitments the next couple of weeks. And considering my very poor time management skills I am hopelessly behind with everything. Argh! Doesn't help that the sickies have been lingering at my house for far too long. First it was T with a nasty cough and needing inhalers and midnight A&E visits. Now he's kindly passed it on to A and me. No midnight trips yet for either of us thankfully but I'm very ready for this bug to leave us. It's been hanging around for 3+ weeks. Enough is enough!

Anyway, here's my layout from the last dare of scrapping a childhood photo. Since I hadn't shared it here yet. Don't look too closely at the journaling. I need to fix it up as I made a bad mistake when translating my wedding function title from Dutch to English. Oy! Will have to find some Un-do as apparently that can rub off the pen I used on the transparency.

Those shoes must be my earliest memory. I am 2.5 years old in this picture and I vividly remember getting them out of the wardrobe and begging my mama if I could please pretty please wear them yet. But no, they had to be saved for the big day when I was going to be a flower girl (uhm, yeah that's the word I should have used) at my aunt's wedding. I love how this LO has turned out. I'm always a bit concerned about the end result when I whip out the paints like I did for the background here but I think it totally works.

Think I'd better go and update my little slide show thingy down the side there. It needs some fresh layouts I think.

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May 15, 2007

This and that

Lime Tart has a new blog that has everything all in the one place. Easier to navigate and you can find the monthly sketches and project instructions all in one place. Plus of course all the relevant links. I love it! And I like that you can leave comments. It's nice to read customer's comments on the kits and on the DT's creations. :-)

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Gourmet Tart. Can't wait to start creating with it. Ideas have been brewing for this one for quite some time. It's grunge and masculine and a textural feast. Limited quantities available so be quick!

I've just picked up some more hours at work until the end of the term. So a little bit more 'play money' but no time left to play, LOL. Just as well I think as I've got a dehumidifier running non-stop so I'm dreading what that will do to the energy bill. Anyone have experience with one of those condensation + heating systems? I'm wondering if that's the way to go for my draughty old villa.

T's tooth has still not come out. I'm keeping the camera ready for that moment as that's a milestone that just has to be scrapped.

I'll leave you with some peaks of the May Full Tart.

May 11, 2007

Shameless plug

He he, don't say I didn't warn you: sales pitch to follow. :-)

My own Designer Kit is now for sale at Lime Tart. Crate Paper, American Crafts letter stickers and because I'm a bit of an addict lots and lots of chipboard from Li'l Davis and Everlasting Keepsakes. And lets not forget a sprinkling of Heidi Swapp (brads) and luscious velvet ribbon and ricrac by Maya Road and even a couple of Fontwerks Journaling tags. And all that for just $29.95 (Aus)! And a clever scrapper would combine postage with one of the other three kits to choose from right?
I'm working on the Full Tart this month. Had hoped to be finished by now but a nasty bout of the flu has zapped all the energy right out of me and I've been going to bed at the same time as the kids the last few nights. In fact, I spent most of yesterday in bed with a fever. Have been popping Cold and Flu tablets and they have certainly helped. Magical things those! But am off to bed again, I'm zonked. How sad, this is normally the time at night that inspiration finally comes knocking.

May 06, 2007

Still waiting

Thank you for those of you who've asked if T's tooth has come out yet. The answer is no. I have to check it about twice a day for him. Maybe he's hoping that me checking it's "wiggliness" will make it come out faster, LOL! The other bottom one had showed signs of being wiggly too but had firmed up in the gums again. But he started sucking his thumb, again. So I knew something was up. Tonight at bed time and the required tooth check I decided to check out the others too. And what do you know, we have FOUR wiggly teeth! And two big chompers have broken through the gums behind the milk teeth at the bottom. He quickly made the comparison to a shark who apparently has 100 rows of teeth. LOL. My little man is over the moon and can't wait to tell his friends at school tomorrow. I'm a bit worried about the gaping hole that will appear if all four come out at the same time though.

Another thing I'm waiting for is this:
It's only another 8 weeks away. You can order it on Amazon (just search for Nic Howard) and I'm sure it will be available locally as well. I've got 3 layouts in there. Was so honored to be asked to contribute. The layouts are over a year old by now and I have to say that a lot has changed since then. I wasn't in a very good place when I created them. It was the beginning of the end of my 13 year relationship. Inspiration/creativity had taken an extended holiday. If I could do them again I'd do them completely differently. And I don't say that very often of my own layouts. But.... those three are just a small part of what is an awesome book. To quote the description on Amazon:
"With its fresh, humorous approach to the seemingly mundane, That's Life offers scrapbookers insightful ways to depict their everyday lives through their art. Divided into chapters dedicated to each day of the week, this day-planner-inspired format offers up endearing anecdotes, unique prompts, and charming ideas as well as example pages that will inspire the reader to create scrapbooks that are more authentic, organic and genuine than ever before."

You know you just have to have it! Can't imagine what Nic must be going through herself. Such a mammoth project, her brain child, just weeks away from being released. I'm not sure I'd be able to sleep at night.

Spend a glorious 12, or rather just about 14 hours scrapping yesterday. National Scrapbooking Day in the States. Didn't achieve much, came away with one finished card and one almost finished layout that needed some machine sewing. Also tried using crackle medium again, unsuccesfully. Must find another way to finish that layout that I brough along half finished and took home in the same state again. Spent the day in great company. Had lots of laughs and far too much good food. Days like that are good for the soul.

Oh I forgot. I've been tagged by my Lime Tart buddy Mel. I'll hopefully get around to that tomorrow or otherwise Tuesday. Sorry Mel!

May 02, 2007


I've got more space in my house now. Over the past couple of days John has been moving his stuff out. He's finally got his own flat. There's not much that I will miss. I'd forgotten how wide my hallway really is now that the old double bed is not cluttering it up anymore. And there were some other bits and pieces that didn't really serve much purpose but were just really taking over the living spaces. There is one item I will miss. My scrapping table. It was an old fold away table that belonged to his parents. Not the most sturdy but a perfect fit for the little corner I had it in. I'll have to get used to cleaning up when I'm done for the night now that I'm going to have to resort back to the kitchen table. Mind you this might be a good thing. At least I'll be away from the computer! I tend to get too easily distracted and in stead of scrapping I'll just be reading or talking about scrapping on the message boards, lol.

I'm thinking I need to do a major purge of all the junk cluttering up my house. There is so much I don't use or need anymore. Just have to find the time and then Trade Me here I come!

The May newsletter at Scrapgal has just come out. This month's theme is 'giggle'. Quite honestly I struggled with it. But managed to squeeze out a couple of layouts anyway. I was kind of expecting someone to do a layout about 'Tickle me Elmo' but nope.

This is a layout about my BIL's son Jack. The best way for one of those infectious baby giggles is to turn him upside down.

This one is my attempt at being organised and taking Christmas pictures last December. They didn't turn out as a success as this layout attests to. Oh yeah, the white cardstock in the background was just there for photographing purposes. I didn't think my kitchen floor would make the nicest backdrop.

Well, I'd better delve into the Lime Tart May kit. If you've been thinking about getting either the Half Tart or the Full Tart then you'd better make up your mind quickly. They've been very popular. Only 2 Half Tarts and 6 Full Tarts left as of this afternoon.