March 23, 2007

Gourmet Tart

In case you hadn't seen it yet, Lime Tart is now also offering limited edition Gourment Tarts. Mel put together this rocking kit! I love what she's done with it too. Check it out! The good news is that you can have it shipped with your regular April kit so you'll save on shipping.

I see the HOF 07 list has gone up. Very excited and oh so happy for Lea Lawson who's a regular at Scrapgal. Also huge congrats to Marci Lambert who's on the DT there with me and got an HM.

Oh and something else to show you too here. Okay, that will do me for a post full of links. (sorry about that). Hopefully I'll get some scrapping done tonight. I've been surfing on the computer the last couple of nights and I have a project I really need to finish. Hope the lure of the computer isn't too strong. ;-)

March 17, 2007

First try at digital scrapping

My printer has been playing up which meant major stress for my own dare at No 8 Wired. But once again it seems I function better when under stress and decided to give digi scrapping a go. After all I'd been downloading all those brushes in the past and hadn't really used them yet... So I set to work and tried to create a piece of 'Street Art' or graffiti on the computer. And you know what? I LOVE how it's come out! I was able to get the 'paint' layers exactly how I wanted and I doubt I would have been able to do that with the real stuff.

The image of my kiddo's is supposed to resemble a template image like taggers sometimes use. And the attitude just completely tops it in my opinion.

So am I going digi now? Not likely, but I am inspired to at least have a good look at all that I have downloaded over the past year or so and perhaps incorporate it in my regular work. Besides, this one took me just about as long as a regular layout, there was so much stuff I had no idea how to achieve and had to 'google'. LOL

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March 14, 2007

The Zest of it

Yup it's that time again. The Lime Tart gallery is up. See all the yummie goodness here.

Loved working with the Full Tart this month. MME is right up my alley, one of my all time favourite manufacterers. And the good news (for me anyway) is that I still have heaps left over even after making 7 projects with it.

There are a few changes happening with the kits, but only in name. The 12x12 will now be called a Full Tart. The 6x6 a Half Tart. The difference being that the paper won't be chopped up anymore for the Half Tart (former 6x6 kit). You still get the same amount of paper, cardstock and embellishments and for the same price. It's just going to be more versatile to work with when the chopping is left to you ;-).

Still have plenty of ideas for the left-overs. Here are some sneaks of a couple of my projects for this month. For the full monty you'll have to go over to the Lime Tart gallery. Oh and don't forget to check out the Zest News either. Also watch out for the Limited Edition Kit designed by Mel later this month.

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March 08, 2007

Mini toot

Got SC 40 in the letterbox a couple of days ago. Unreal to see such a familiar face staring back at me from the cover, LOL. Of course Thomas wants a cover now too....

Many thanks to Rett for scanning this for me when I found out I had a cover.

Also got an email from the Maya Road DT co-ordinator (I think that's what she is, I could be wrong). I sent her an image of the Secret Box I created for Lime Tart last month on the recommendation of Lisa who's on the Scrapgal DT with me and who also happens to be on the Maya Road DT <---- Lucky, lucky girl (and immensely talented I might add). Anyway, I digress. They put it up on the DT blog. Such fun. That's my tidbit of info for today. Back to the April kit. As you can see that one is right up my alley. Love MME!

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March 05, 2007

Stop Press

LOL, I'm excited can you tell? Just got word from a couple of my Lime Tart buddies that a layout I created with my all time favourite pic of Annabel is ON THE COVER of Scrapbook Creations issue 40!!!
Woohoo, my first cover! I cannot wait to get half a dozen copies of this issue, so if you see it available in New Zealand please give me a shout!

(warning could be considered bragging ahead, stop reading now if you wish <--- don't know what's gotten into me, I'm in a funny mood today)
I have another one in there as well. Have got to say that my last submission session 6 months ago has proven very succesful. Out of the 7-8 I submitted 3 have been picked up. Have got to get my act together and make a habit of submitting my stuff. (please don't kick me any more for being so slack Mel, lol)

March 02, 2007

Quick share

Can somebody please just wave their magic wand and get me more hours in my day to do all I want to achieve in a day. I can't cut out any more sleep or I'll become a walking zombie, not to mention very unpleasant in social interactions. With reference to the magic wand can you tell we're majorly back into Harry Potter in this household? I bought one of the books for Thomas to read to him at night. 700-something pages and am exercising all my will-power not to read ahead.

Anyway, the March newsletter is out at Scrapgal. This month the theme is Savour. The yanks spell it 'Savor' so I wonder how many comments I'll get on my funny spelling of the word, especially in that article of mine. LOL. Have got to say that the girls on the Design Team at Scrapgal are so immensely talented and I am so happy to be part of that team. I have a feeling that site is going to grow bigger and more popular over time and I just hope we won't lose that incredible sense of community we have now.

My layouts for the article:

Also by now I am sure you have seen last month's gallery at Lime Tart.
I'll give you some sneaks but for the full monty and the projects from the other girls make sure you check out the gallery. It's chocca with good stuff.

I am currently in heaven with the March 12 x 12 kit. Just started working with it tonight after lusting over it for the past week. But had to do the other DT stuff first. I am not the best time manager in the world, but seriously a few more hours in the day would make a huge difference, if not just to my mommy guilt. (and I'd get to go to bed at the right side of midnight too).

Also have you seen the CI alterables Philippa currently has available? More lusting there, especially the dress forms and jewellery case...

Better get back to that layout....