February 17, 2008

Ahem... is this thing on??

Uhm... so it's been more than 2 months. What can I say? This is always a busy time of the year? Mind you I'm not one to just post for the sake of posting so when I have nothing to say I just stay quiet. For two months if I have to, LOL.
So 2008 eh? I'm another year older, can't say I'm getting any wiser. What's been happening? I'll give you the short version.
1. Got selected for the Buzz and Bloom Design Team.
2. I'm no longer with Lime Tart.
3. Got my pride hurt. Oh how I despise hypocracy and the hidden agendas in this industry.
4. Moved my scrap area (ongoing process - still boxes of stuff everywhere. may have something to do with changing the kids' rooms too)
5. Photographed my first maternity session as a portfolio exercise - boy do I have a lot to learn.
6. photographed my first new born, again as a portfolio exercise - boy do I have a lot to learn.
7. Created my first blog post for Buzz and Bloom, see here.
8. Created some layouts but have been in a bit of a 'low'. Haven't been nearly as productive as I'd planned to be. Small sampling to follow the bottom of this post.

Must say I'm somewhat surprised to see my blog still gets visited every day even after not posting for so long. *insert puzzled look here*

Not feeling chatty tonight. Just thought I'd better get around to throwing some layouts on this blog of mine before the account got pulled for inactivity (just kidding!).

Nope, this post remains without pictures. Blogger doesn't let me upload tonight. Grrrrr.
'Night all.


At 8:38 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

Hi Marieke!
Thanks for your sweet note---and I will most certainly keep in touch with you--I just adore you and your work. Congratulations on the Buzz and Bloom team---I'll have to check back often to be inspired by you and get my Marieke fix.
Hope all is well.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Lynda said...

Hi Marieke,

Great to see you back.You sure are busy.How are the kids?

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Wendy Reed said...

Wowza... lots of congrats deserved!!!

Congrats on the DT and the first maternity shoot.



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