October 09, 2008

Why do the good ones always seem to go first?

Not the happiest of posts to revive this blog with but being across the world from a friend in need this is all I can do at the moment. I am part of a small and very close knit scrapbooking community and our little world has been rocked by the tragic and unexpected death of one of my dear friend's husband and soulmate. He was only 38 and leaves behind his wife and two young boys aged 4 and 7. To say that we are all in shock is an understatement. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain she must be experiencing. She always said he was the best thing that ever happened to her and now she is faced with raising their two boys alone. I cannot even type this without the tears starting to stream from my eyes again. She just doesn't deserve this. It is not fair.
We are all spread out across the world and are trying to do our bit to help. We've all made donations to help ease the financial burden she will be faced with. But we want to do more. Lisa Pace is having an auction on her blog to help our friend. Please follow this link to the auction. It's all we can do for our friend, for now.



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