March 04, 2008

Playing catch up

Let's see if blogger wants to play nice tonight and let me upload some recent layouts...

February and March Scrapgal newsletter layouts:

Big shock to learn that Scrapgal has been sold to a new owner. Not sure what that means for my position on the Design Team to be honest. Time will tell.

I'm loving my spot on the Buzz and Bloom DT. There is no greater pleasure than receiving an enveloppe every month stuffed with stuff you would have bought anyway! One happy girl here. You should really check out the blog on a regular basis as every couple of days there will be a new post up filled with inspiration. My latest one can be seen here.
I've been struck by the worst tummy bug so am about to head back to bed. One of the hazards of working in a couple of Kindergartens: you catch just about every bug that goes around in the community. Ugh.