May 02, 2007


I've got more space in my house now. Over the past couple of days John has been moving his stuff out. He's finally got his own flat. There's not much that I will miss. I'd forgotten how wide my hallway really is now that the old double bed is not cluttering it up anymore. And there were some other bits and pieces that didn't really serve much purpose but were just really taking over the living spaces. There is one item I will miss. My scrapping table. It was an old fold away table that belonged to his parents. Not the most sturdy but a perfect fit for the little corner I had it in. I'll have to get used to cleaning up when I'm done for the night now that I'm going to have to resort back to the kitchen table. Mind you this might be a good thing. At least I'll be away from the computer! I tend to get too easily distracted and in stead of scrapping I'll just be reading or talking about scrapping on the message boards, lol.

I'm thinking I need to do a major purge of all the junk cluttering up my house. There is so much I don't use or need anymore. Just have to find the time and then Trade Me here I come!

The May newsletter at Scrapgal has just come out. This month's theme is 'giggle'. Quite honestly I struggled with it. But managed to squeeze out a couple of layouts anyway. I was kind of expecting someone to do a layout about 'Tickle me Elmo' but nope.

This is a layout about my BIL's son Jack. The best way for one of those infectious baby giggles is to turn him upside down.

This one is my attempt at being organised and taking Christmas pictures last December. They didn't turn out as a success as this layout attests to. Oh yeah, the white cardstock in the background was just there for photographing purposes. I didn't think my kitchen floor would make the nicest backdrop.

Well, I'd better delve into the Lime Tart May kit. If you've been thinking about getting either the Half Tart or the Full Tart then you'd better make up your mind quickly. They've been very popular. Only 2 Half Tarts and 6 Full Tarts left as of this afternoon.


At 7:02 AM, Anonymous Janine said...

love the photos of your nephew hanging upside down, love the colours in that layout. Awwwww "A" looks so cute evern when she doesn't want to have her photo taken. Purging is good for the soul.


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