June 19, 2007

Filling in the gaps

I've had a few questions where I got the little tin with the 12 containers. I bought it from KiwiScraps. You can find it here. All papers, ribbon, brads and some of the chipboard are from the Gourmet Tart, available at Lime Tart. Other chipboard from my stash.
I'll fill each numbered container with the corresponding tooth as it comes out, together with the date and a tiny picture of my son. And yes I'll be hiding that tin until the magic of the tooth fairy no longer lives in his imagination.

June 18, 2007

Gourmet gallery

Wah, would you believe I just put this whole post on the wrong blog? Oops. Tried to copy it from No 8 Wired that i'd accidentally posted it to but missed a few bits. You're now getting the shorter version.

I have permission to post the creations that I made with 'my' Gourmet kit from Lime Tart here on my blog. Wonderful warm colours, lovely rich textures.
To start of I made this little tin with 12 mini tins inside it. One for each of the regular baby teeth that Thomas is to lose. We're at two now, with another one shortly to follow I'm sure.

Love that pic of my boy with all his teeth still intact. Haven't been able to snap a decent picture of him with the gap down below. He keeps grimacing really weird. *sigh. So much for documenting that for prosperity.

Then there's this idea file to jot ideas down in. Can you believe that after almost 3 years of scrapping I've never had one? Sorry about the wrinkled bed sheet underneath it. The light was fading fast and I didn't have time to iron it out.

Then there's a couple of layouts. That little boy is my nephew Jack. He's dynamite. Never sits still. The idea was to get some pics with his cousins. yeah right, didn't happen. None usuable anyway. The other one is just a restored picture of little old me. I really like this layout. I speaks to me. Maybe more for sentimental reasons than anything else. I dunno. It does have lot of my favourite things on it. Buzz and Bloom chipboard (my recent 'discovery'), paint, AC thickers, HS damask sticker. Hmm, all I miss is the stitching and a little bit of glitter.

Made a couple of cards too, but blogger won't let me upload more. They'll be in the gallery soon.

Am getting back in to using fabric too a little. It's made its way on to two of my recent layouts after writing an article about it for the June Scrapgal newsletter.

June gallery at Lime Tart is up. Every month I'm blown away by the diversity and talent on this team. Susanne Tonga was our guest designer and I love what she did with the Full Tart this month. She made the most gorgeous purse album.

Alright, better off to bed now. My little ones are early risers.

June 02, 2007


Relax, that would be the theme for the month of June over at Scrapgal. Wish I could say that I am relaxed but it's more the complete opposite. T's bug developed into a chest infection for me so I haven't been feeling too well. But now that my cocktail of meds have begun to kick in life is a bit more pleasant.

Am neglecting my photocamera dreadfully. Am paying the baby off so I should be playing with it every day really but can't say that I am. Better improve on that, I have so much to learn! And I can do with some new pics for future layouts too. LOL. Seems that many of my photos aren't very suitable, doesn't help the kids don't co-operate really so plenty of out of focus, stick your tongue out, close your eyes or throw a tantrum photos. Sigh. I need to clean my lens too, it has sticky fingers on it. Will have to find out the best way to do that.

Anyway, hope you're having a relaxing Queen's Birthday Weekend. I'll leave you with my two layouts for the newsletter:

This one is Annabel in the paddling pool. The chipboard elements are from the lastest release by Buzz and Bloom. And I LOVE them. Buzz and Bloom are a recent discovery for me, thanks to Philippa. Yeah I know, I'm not at all up with what's hot in 'the industry'. Nobody ever tells me anything! lol. Lime Tart has B&B chipboard for sale. And what's not on the site she can possibly get in for you as she has the contacts at Buzz and Bloom. I covered both the flower and the little crown with white gliter, but it doesn't really show on the photograph. I'm liking my glitter at the moment.

This one documents a rule I've set for myself: no more housework after 8pm. When both kids are in bed that is MY time. That's when I scrap or do whatever I want. Of course that means my house is generally a mess so I'd prefer a little bit of warning if you're planning to come over :-p. Anyone know how to get kids to tidy up after themselves? I think I need the super nanny. Haven't quite got that part under control yet. (just kidding, well only a little - about the super nanny, not about that mess, that is very real)

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