May 29, 2007

"My" Kit

The Gourmet Tart that I put together is now on sale at Lime Tart for (AUS)$29.95. I think shipping to NZ is another $10 but you can always combine shipping. I'm madly creating with "my" kit. It's so much fun to actually feel the items that you've choosen just by looking at a computer screen. You never really know if it's going to 'work' together, but I must say this kit is singing to me. LOL. Love the heavy weight paper from Crate. Nice and sturdy. Here, see for yourself: (or follow the link above)

The new dare is up for No 8 Wired. Multi photo layouts. And we mean more than 6 per page. So if you're doing a 2-pager it will have to have at least 12 pictures on it! I will be sitting this one out. I have too many other commitments the next couple of weeks. And considering my very poor time management skills I am hopelessly behind with everything. Argh! Doesn't help that the sickies have been lingering at my house for far too long. First it was T with a nasty cough and needing inhalers and midnight A&E visits. Now he's kindly passed it on to A and me. No midnight trips yet for either of us thankfully but I'm very ready for this bug to leave us. It's been hanging around for 3+ weeks. Enough is enough!

Anyway, here's my layout from the last dare of scrapping a childhood photo. Since I hadn't shared it here yet. Don't look too closely at the journaling. I need to fix it up as I made a bad mistake when translating my wedding function title from Dutch to English. Oy! Will have to find some Un-do as apparently that can rub off the pen I used on the transparency.

Those shoes must be my earliest memory. I am 2.5 years old in this picture and I vividly remember getting them out of the wardrobe and begging my mama if I could please pretty please wear them yet. But no, they had to be saved for the big day when I was going to be a flower girl (uhm, yeah that's the word I should have used) at my aunt's wedding. I love how this LO has turned out. I'm always a bit concerned about the end result when I whip out the paints like I did for the background here but I think it totally works.

Think I'd better go and update my little slide show thingy down the side there. It needs some fresh layouts I think.

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At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Janine said...

ewww at the germies. I must say I think it is on the way out cos mine was a three weeker. Oh your kit looks good. I love that layout Marieke. I can already see the resemblance of your children in you anyway but that photo, wow you could all be brothers and sisters. :-) Love that photo by the way.

At 2:54 AM, Blogger Eminepala said...

Woohoo this is FABULOUS girl ;)



At 5:35 PM, Anonymous vivian said...

loving the paint!!!


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