December 08, 2006

Better late than never

A blog update that is. Sheez I swear time is running away on me. Like so many people life is just getting busier with the year just about to come to an end. I still have't done any of my Christmas shopping... am hoping to do one massive shop till you drop day next Monday. Wish me luck. Christmas cards haven't been made yet either and I'm thinking I'll be sending lots of e-cards instead. Apologies in advance if you receive one from me and are less than impressed. Both my time and monetary budget just won't allow for much else really.
Speaking of cards, what do you do with them? How do you display them during the festive season and what do you do with them afterwards? I've made a very handy mail box to display your cards in and when it's all over you can store the cards you've received in this same box if you wish. Next year you just pull out the box, update the tag with the current date or however else you like to customize it and use it again.
I'm sure the images will go up on the site soon but just in case here are some images for you.

I'll be teaching this class at KiwiScraps on Thursday the 14th. There are still plenty of spaces available in the class. Go here to book your spot. Could also be suitable as a gift for that hard to buy person.

Anyway, done pimping my class now ;-). Am otherwise having some fun with the December kit for Lime Tart. I'm doing the 6x6 kit this month and it's funky and dulled bright if that makes sense. Also seriously loving the 12x12 kit this month.