August 29, 2006


with life, scrapping, and everything else. Not a happy day today, wallowing in self-pity and allowing anger and resentment towards a certain someone to get the better of me. Not a pretty picture. I feel like screaming! In fact I did, this morning, just let it fly! It felt good for a few seconds until I saw the shocked look on my son's face who happened to witness it.... ouch, I felt really small then. Had to have a little re-assuring cuddle and talk with him about how grown ups sometimes lose their cool just like the little people do. I felt aweful.

Finally figured out a topic for the last round of Last Scrapper Standing and started to play around with some pictures. Decided I didn't have a good enough picture or two and tried to get the child in question to co-operate. No luck. Very frustrated with the shutter lag on my camera. It does have some semi-manual settings but as soon as you start playing with those the delay is even worse and everything I've got is blurred. Aaargh!

Thank you to all who have left such wonderful comments these past few days. It really boosts my confidence and I need that right now. And I'm getting to know new like minded people who apparently have found my blog through somewhere. Ah, the scrapping world is so small really, especially in New Zealand. Though going by the stat counter I've got on here I get visitors from all over the world! That's pretty cool.

Oh yeah and I want to give a huge shout out to Chris Jenkins who made me a banner for my blog, two actually. Chris I don't know if you'll be reading this but once I figure out how to replace the excisting one I'll put it up. It is just awesome and I am so grateful that you did that for me.

Diner duties are calling. See ya!

August 28, 2006

I made it!

Me and 26 others are in the final round. I am stunned to have made it this far. Nervous too about having to create an absolute masterpiece with 10 different kinds of patterned paper. For some bizarre reason I feel like I've got a lot riding on this challenge. Kind of like a 'make it, or break it' kind of thing. Sad but true. Just tell me to get a life, lol. It is so easy to get caught up in all of this competitiveness and lose sight of what really matters.
But first things first and that is a project I have to finish urgently! So back to work for another hour before the kids get home from school and kindy.

August 27, 2006


sorry this post is all about me! Mwahahahaha. The layout for round 3.5 was so much fun and nothing like I'd ever done before but I think I'm hooked! We had to use a 'wet' medium and after looking around the house I thought I'd try melting the kid's crayons. After asking for a little bit of advice from Wendy and Dina I figured I had to add something to prevent them from setting too quickly so I found some old furniture bee's wax that I added to the mix. Loved the transparent yet vibrant colours it produced. I used it to paint over a picture and the effect was so cool! I'll definetely be doing that again, even if it did stink out the kitchen. Next time I may have to go and look at an art supply store to see if there's an alternative to my furniture polish though!
After looking through the entries (I love that you can check out the competition with this) to see what I'm up against I am not holding much hope. So many fantastic entries, with truly artistic examples of using a wet art medium. I should know more tomorrow...

and here's a close-up detail that shows the texture this gives:

Otherwise I'm pretty annoyed. My left shoulder is freezing up AGAIN. So painful! Not to mention bl**dy inconvenient as I've got a few things due in the next couple of weeks. So I'm popping anti-flams but going on past experience that's not going to help much. Last time it happened the doctor already said it would probably mean surgery if it happened again. Just give me the cortizone shot first I say because the waiting list for that is probably 8 months long! #$*^% public health system. Okay done whining now. May just have an early night and see my bed at the right side of midnight.

August 26, 2006

Last Scrapper Standing

Seems today Blogger is willing to upload pictures so here you go: my entry for round 3 in Last Scrapper Standing and also an example of taking cardstock 3D for my 'Free For All Friday' challenge at Scrapgal. (nothing like combining a few things to tick them off my 'to do' list, lol)

I am currently struggling to throw something together for a sneaky round 3.5. Having lots of fun experimenting and have come out with a really cool picture. Now the question is how to scrap it?!! I think I need to go and open that bottle in the fridge and see if inspiration will magically strike.

Oh and thanks for inquiring about Annabel. She's doing great and using her hand more and more. Have heard back from radiologist and X-ray is fine, so just a sprain. *breathing big sigh of relief.

August 24, 2006


What a day. Annabel fell of her little ride-on car, or rather she just fell over with the whole thing. She's getting too big for it but is still fighting over it with Thomas. Anyway, she cried and by the tone of it I knew something was wrong. So I ran to her and pick her up. She's very pale and very upset. She says her arm hurts. So I ice it. She tells me after five minutes it is 'all better now' so I put her in front of her beloved Blue's Clues morning show and quickly post my entry for the Last Scrapper Standing competition. I check on her. She doesn't look right, pale and very quiet. So I pick her up for a cuddle and she screams. Uh-oh.... ring the doctor and we're told to come in straight away. She's still in her jammies but I don't care.
Anyway, long story short: we're off to get X-rays and initial report is no fracture but films will be sent to specialist in town and in a couple of days we'll hear for definete result. She was fine with the X-rays until the $%^#@ technician grabs her arm by the wrist right where it hurts and turns her arm 90 degrees. My poor sweetie got a major shock, not to mention PAIN. And in fact I think she was suffering from a bit of shock because straight after while we were waiting for the initial report she went to sleep on my lap. Back to the doctor to get her arm bandaged and immobilized. She won't use it and flinches every time someone comes near it. She wants to be held and cuddled all the time but flinches when I pick her up. I don't know, my belly-boo (nic name) is a tough one and something tells me that is not normal for a sprained wrist or is that the paranoid mum talking?
Fingers crossed we'll make it through the night without drama.

btw, here's (sorry had to link it, blogger doesn't seem to want to upload my photos today) my entry for last scrapper standing. Circles! I will never again do something like this, I lost track of the hours I spent rolling the paper and then trying to glue it to the transparency. I said 10 in my entry but I'm sure it was more than that (sure felt like it). And you know what? I don't like this layout at all. And knew I wouldn't as I was assembling it but I didn't have any other ideas or time to do something else so there it is... shhh don't tell. Oh and excuse the dirty windows...

August 19, 2006

Bits and pieces

Did I mention already I am participating in "Last Scrapper Standing" on the Effer blog? Now that is fun and definitely challenging! First round was using text directly on the photo. No problems with that, I do that fairly often. I was also fairly confident I'd make it through the first round after spying in on the competition (everyone was uploading into the gallery at 2Peas). Anyway I combined my No 8 Wired contribution with this one as it was just perfect for both.

Journaling coming out of the shower head reads: I am not a morning person. I am a night owl who's forced to get up early each morning when two litte kids wake up without fail at 6 am! And so I reluctantly drag myself out of bed and hide in the shower just so I don't have to deal with the morning mayhem immediately. I know I spend too long in the shower each day, the power bill is undeniable testament to that, but I need that time alone, not speaking to anyone, just time to think and mentally prepare for my day ahead. I just stand there until the water goes cold. It is definitely my favourite (title) Guilty Pleasure

And yes I made it through the first round. There were over 350 entries I believe. Anyway, on to round 2 for which we had to use 13 photos on the one layout. Now that was definitely wayyyyy out of my comfort zone. I'm a one perhaps two pictures per layout kind of girl. In the end and pushing the deadline I came up with this:

little pictures of all the things that need fixing or finishing in our house. I tell you, the work never finished when you own an old villa like ours. Pretty nervous to open up the Effer blog this morning and absolutely stoked to find my name on the list of people going through to round 3. And now major panic sets in. We're to use circles only, no straight lines if I interpret correctly. HELP! I've got the brain working over time already.

Scenic Route had a Design Team call out. I do believe this is their first open call. They've already handpicked some designers with very deservedly choosing Nic as one of them. I mean the girl is Scenic Route basically. And I would love to join her on that team. There aren't many manufacturer's that I absolutely adore and have to have every piece of paper of - in fact there are only two, Scenic Route being one of them; my first love really. So I've put my hat in the ring although I don't hold much hope as I've read today they had already received over 300 entries as of a couple of days ago. But you've got to be in to win. And considering how often I use it I only had to make one layout especially for this. My entry consists of the Guilty Pleasure one above, a canvas clock and layout of Annabel:

I included a detailed shot of the intricate flower with my submission. All going well I should be teaching this project as a class at KiwiScraps in the near future. I'll post the date here when it's confirmed. You don't want to miss this one, it's such a cool concept!

(layout removed for publication - look for me in issue 40 of Scrapbook Creations)

I shot this picture of Annabel last March and it really intimidated me it was so perfect! I was too afraid to scrap it but I finally got the nerve this week and got it out. It's no use having a pretty picture like that sitting in a folder for no one to see now is it? I didn't want to over-embellish it as to not take away from this stunning photo. Isn't she just the prettiest thing? Honestly I count myself lucky. Annabel is so photogenic. As for Thomas... argh can't take a decent picture of him even if I bribed him. As soon as the camera comes out he starts pulling faces. Distraction doesn't work long enough. The shutter lag on my camera is really very frustrating, 3 seconds if I've fiddled with the settings. It has a few manual settings which is great when you've got a static object... I'm saving for a digital SLR, but it will be a while yet.

August 17, 2006

Weekend re-cap

Finally getting around to doing a quick re-cap about last weekend. Crafting Connections was absolutely fantastic again this year. I am already saving up for next year to make sure I can do a full registration in stead of the mini-event I did this year. I am so disappointed I didn't get to do many of the marvellous classes on offer.
I started off with the Mega Crop. See photo below for my table buddies. Thanks so much Jinny for making our masks! And thank you to the girls for providing lots of laughs.

Did two classes on Saturday: Wendy's doodling one and Ali E's Perspective. Shame I'm such a slacker with homework so these projects may end up on my 'to finish' pile, which admittedly still has projects from last years CC on it!

Saturday night was Janine's hen night. I was so lucky to get to spend the night in town as well in a penthouse appartment Janine herself had organised. Sheer luxury to sleep until 8 am. Mind you we didn't go to bed until 2.... Thank you so much for the laughs and just awesome night out to my partners in crime. I had a blast!! (and plenty to drink....)

And Ann and Lynda, I don't know if you'll be reading this but I'm still shaking my head about you girls treating me like a celebrity. Good grief that felt uncomfortable. But by all means send me the pic of me signing my layout, LOL. It was such an ego booster.

Sunday rolled around and a bit blurry eyed and fog headed I listened to Cathy Z. Must admit it wasn't anything new and slightly disappointed it was all taken directly from her book. But all in all a good weekend that went by way to fast.

August 13, 2006

Did I just lose a post?

Hmmm, it might be tiredness taking over here from the weekend (more on that later when I'm actually able to put my thoughts into cohesive words, could be tomorrow) but have I lost a post on here? I was sure I'd put a layout on here I did for No 8 Wired blog for dare #4. Pretty sure I had comments on it as well. Tell me I'm not losing my mind!

August 05, 2006

Letting out a big sigh of relief

Thank goodness that is over for another year. As much as I love my (now not so little anymore) boy, organising birthday parties at home for 8 of his friends who don't really appreciate the work that goes into it are just a waste of time and energy, really. But I feel I've done the wonderful mummy thing and have created a fun memory. I am so tired! But the big hug and kiss and heartfelt 'thank you mum, I love you' almost made it worth it. Next year I'm having a party elsewhere, you can keep me to that. Just remind me if I start uttering noises about another themed party. Okay? I mean, what was I thinking? Not only did I spend hours preparing party food and games but there was also the time invested in tidying up the house. Why did I bother? The place is an absolute bomb site and I know I should just get it over with and pick it all up today but I just don't have the energy anymore. So tomorrow morning the same mess is going to stare me in the face. Ugh!

Got a couple of projects to show you. First one is a clock I altered for Thomas' room. I did it for the ScrapGal newsletter. August is the month for star themed projects and challenges over there and this was my first contribution as a Design Team member.

Next one up is the layout I did for the New Zealand Dare Blog No 8 Wired and I combined it to also be the first challenge I set over at ScrapGal. Hey, the were due the same day and I was trying to get a party organised after all. They like their challenges over there, 3 each week with the occasional random one thrown in as well. I'd like to participate in more but there just aren't enough hours in the day. I really wanna learn to speed scrap!

Sorry, blogger seems to be playing up and I can't upload another picture. I'll try to edit this post tomorrow. You can view the layout on No 8 Wired too.

I was about to start working on my next class project for KiwiScraps: another altered clock but nothing like the one above. Class is on the 22nd... can you say late? In my defense I was under the impression that he was seriously considering not having any classes in August, with Crafting Connections and all. Boy was I wrong! But anyway, I pulled apart the clock but now I can't do much else as what I thought I had for the background isn't the right size . Sounds cryptic? That's because I don't want to give too much away.

I'm off to blog surf. Oh and a special wave to my extended family who are now also regularly checking my blog eventhough they don't understand any of the scrapbook talk.