November 19, 2007

Ack! Sorry... one month later....

Ugh I am so bad at blogging. Especially for someone who used to write in her diary on a daily basis when young. Hmm, should have a good dig around in all those boxes and see if I actually lugged them to New Zealand with me. Should be entertaining to read....

I have a 'to do-list' about a mile long so will try and keep it short and sweet.
Lots of layouts to share as I'm hopelessly behind with that.

I hear Crafting Connection was a success once again. I didn't go to any of the classes. Too close to Christmas to be able to swing that. Did go out on Saturday night with Kirsty, Ali, Wendy and Joanne. Was so good to catch up with them. Hadn't seen Wendy since she moved to Chch and must admit I've been really bad with keeping in touch. Vowed to do better from now on...

Great night, plenty of wine, nice food, and a 111 call.... Ali did her good deed for the day and sent a 4 man strong police unit to a near drowning. Anyway, it was such a good night that I left the car in town, got sloshed and got a ride home with Joanne.

Lime Tart November Half Tart, red and purple. Red I LOVE, purple... not so much. But I may have to review that opinion because it worked really well together. Had to use my spray inks and glimmer mist. I'm addicted to those at the moment. So much fun, so versatile, and yeah messy too so right up my alley. ;-)

Visit the Lime Tart November gallery for all the projects. Here's some sneeks:

Hmmm, look at the time. Will have to save Scrapgal and Last Scrapper Standing layouts for later this week. Ha ha, perhaps that's one way of getting you to come back to my blog. Off to create something. Haven't scrapped in almost a week.