March 02, 2007

Quick share

Can somebody please just wave their magic wand and get me more hours in my day to do all I want to achieve in a day. I can't cut out any more sleep or I'll become a walking zombie, not to mention very unpleasant in social interactions. With reference to the magic wand can you tell we're majorly back into Harry Potter in this household? I bought one of the books for Thomas to read to him at night. 700-something pages and am exercising all my will-power not to read ahead.

Anyway, the March newsletter is out at Scrapgal. This month the theme is Savour. The yanks spell it 'Savor' so I wonder how many comments I'll get on my funny spelling of the word, especially in that article of mine. LOL. Have got to say that the girls on the Design Team at Scrapgal are so immensely talented and I am so happy to be part of that team. I have a feeling that site is going to grow bigger and more popular over time and I just hope we won't lose that incredible sense of community we have now.

My layouts for the article:

Also by now I am sure you have seen last month's gallery at Lime Tart.
I'll give you some sneaks but for the full monty and the projects from the other girls make sure you check out the gallery. It's chocca with good stuff.

I am currently in heaven with the March 12 x 12 kit. Just started working with it tonight after lusting over it for the past week. But had to do the other DT stuff first. I am not the best time manager in the world, but seriously a few more hours in the day would make a huge difference, if not just to my mommy guilt. (and I'd get to go to bed at the right side of midnight too).

Also have you seen the CI alterables Philippa currently has available? More lusting there, especially the dress forms and jewellery case...

Better get back to that layout....


At 2:08 AM, Blogger Chris Millar said...

Hi Marieke, these are all gorgeous! LOL at the finger up the nose one!

At 2:56 AM, Blogger Devra said...

I think a lot of moms would be absolved of their mommy guilt if they could add some more hours to their days here and there, BUT on the other hand, maybe we'd just fill them up with even more stuff and still be exhausted and overrun by our schedules. Like buying a new bag, if I buy a bigger one, I just put more junk in it!

Maybe we need to pretend we have fewer hours in the day and that might help us prioritize a bit better and then we would have some more time left to ourselves at days end? I know it is true with my bag, I have a small one and I don't carry around half of the junk I used to when I had the bigger bag and I don't even miss that stuff!

At 12:36 PM, Blogger scrapgeek said...

Great layouts as always - love the nose one - LOL

At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Janine said...

I love the nose one too, I think its the circles and the background. I also love that photo. As for more hours I think we could all do with that......


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