August 19, 2006

Bits and pieces

Did I mention already I am participating in "Last Scrapper Standing" on the Effer blog? Now that is fun and definitely challenging! First round was using text directly on the photo. No problems with that, I do that fairly often. I was also fairly confident I'd make it through the first round after spying in on the competition (everyone was uploading into the gallery at 2Peas). Anyway I combined my No 8 Wired contribution with this one as it was just perfect for both.

Journaling coming out of the shower head reads: I am not a morning person. I am a night owl who's forced to get up early each morning when two litte kids wake up without fail at 6 am! And so I reluctantly drag myself out of bed and hide in the shower just so I don't have to deal with the morning mayhem immediately. I know I spend too long in the shower each day, the power bill is undeniable testament to that, but I need that time alone, not speaking to anyone, just time to think and mentally prepare for my day ahead. I just stand there until the water goes cold. It is definitely my favourite (title) Guilty Pleasure

And yes I made it through the first round. There were over 350 entries I believe. Anyway, on to round 2 for which we had to use 13 photos on the one layout. Now that was definitely wayyyyy out of my comfort zone. I'm a one perhaps two pictures per layout kind of girl. In the end and pushing the deadline I came up with this:

little pictures of all the things that need fixing or finishing in our house. I tell you, the work never finished when you own an old villa like ours. Pretty nervous to open up the Effer blog this morning and absolutely stoked to find my name on the list of people going through to round 3. And now major panic sets in. We're to use circles only, no straight lines if I interpret correctly. HELP! I've got the brain working over time already.

Scenic Route had a Design Team call out. I do believe this is their first open call. They've already handpicked some designers with very deservedly choosing Nic as one of them. I mean the girl is Scenic Route basically. And I would love to join her on that team. There aren't many manufacturer's that I absolutely adore and have to have every piece of paper of - in fact there are only two, Scenic Route being one of them; my first love really. So I've put my hat in the ring although I don't hold much hope as I've read today they had already received over 300 entries as of a couple of days ago. But you've got to be in to win. And considering how often I use it I only had to make one layout especially for this. My entry consists of the Guilty Pleasure one above, a canvas clock and layout of Annabel:

I included a detailed shot of the intricate flower with my submission. All going well I should be teaching this project as a class at KiwiScraps in the near future. I'll post the date here when it's confirmed. You don't want to miss this one, it's such a cool concept!

(layout removed for publication - look for me in issue 40 of Scrapbook Creations)

I shot this picture of Annabel last March and it really intimidated me it was so perfect! I was too afraid to scrap it but I finally got the nerve this week and got it out. It's no use having a pretty picture like that sitting in a folder for no one to see now is it? I didn't want to over-embellish it as to not take away from this stunning photo. Isn't she just the prettiest thing? Honestly I count myself lucky. Annabel is so photogenic. As for Thomas... argh can't take a decent picture of him even if I bribed him. As soon as the camera comes out he starts pulling faces. Distraction doesn't work long enough. The shutter lag on my camera is really very frustrating, 3 seconds if I've fiddled with the settings. It has a few manual settings which is great when you've got a static object... I'm saving for a digital SLR, but it will be a while yet.


At 7:51 AM, Blogger scrapgeek said...

Wow - beautiful work Marieke! That shower layout is so clever! Good luck with the comp and the Scenic Route Design team (not that you need luck!). And as the mother of two boys - totally sympathise about getting good shots. Stalking them sometimes works...

At 8:24 AM, Blogger Angela said...

Love those layouts Marieke. Like Sharon said, you don't need luck, you'll go far! I have 2 boys, who take such terrible photos, like you say, faces, sillyness, it's got to a stage, I realised the other day, I don't have many recent photos. Going out today, better try to get some, silly or not!

At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Janine said...

Funnily enough I fount he last scrapper standing comp and saw you had made it to round three. I was so excited for you because there were a heck of a lot of names on that week one list!! Awesome work Marieke! Love the guilty pleasure one and wow loved how you did the maintenance 06 layout. Awesome use of photos!!! Just love them both.

And congrats on submitting to Scenic route!! Like the others have said you don't need luck!!
You do beautiful work. That photo of Annabel is stunning. Love that canvas clock too. You are so clever!!!

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Kirsty said...

Well done Marieke in getting into Round 3 - and good luck. Those layouts are so beautiful.
I can so relate to your comments about the digi camera's shutter lag. I loved watching those SLR's in action at CC06 and the speed at which they got great photos. I too would love to save for one.

At 11:43 PM, Blogger Elizabeth M said...

Man you've been doing some wonderful work (well pages and canvas clocks lol)!!! Good on you with the Last Scrapper Standing challenge! I put my name down and didn't even do the first LO oops *blush*

At 1:09 AM, Blogger aidaville said...

*Wooooo-hooooo* Marieke, you go girl !!!! Your work is amazing, very thoughtful and creative at the same time. You said scrapping involves a whole lot of time juggling for you, but man oh man ...... your finished pieces are fabulous !!!!

May I scraplift the Scenic Route Explosion box flower ? Prettttyyyy please ......? It's to make a folder for the Japanese exchange student we are hosting, thanks so much !

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Lynda said...

Oh Marieke, just gorgeous work! Congrats on the last scrapper standing, can't wait to see what you come up with for this week. And I agree with the others, you don't need luck for the Scenic Route thing, they would be nuts not to grab you.

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Andrea Senn said...

Wow Marieke, that's such a stunning photo. And gorgeous layout you've done too. Good luck for the SR contest and also LSS - i was hoping to take part myself but just didn't get round to it.


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