January 14, 2007


In case you are wondering why my projects aren't in the Lime Tart gallery for January: the kit took forever to be delivered. It was supposed to arrive before Christmas, but it didn't. I waited an extra day before going on holiday and didn't leave until mid day on the 29th to see if the courier would finally show up. But nope, no parcel and a slightly stressed out me especially since I couldn't contact Philippa who was on a very well deserved holiday herself. Arranged for a duplicate kit to be sent to my holiday destination. I harassed the poor local shop people daily about it, only to find out on the 9th of Jan that it wasn't coming at all. Just as well as I was getting pretty worked up about it, wondering how I'd ever manage to come up with something half decent in just 3-4 days while not completely neglecting my children and of course the beach that beckoned daily.
So... back home and there's a pizza box filled to the brim waiting for me to play with. (I really wonder how long it actually took to get here, will have to ask the neighbours who fed the cat for me). Give me a week or so and I should come up with something to add to what's there already. Mel, Lee and Debbie (who's replacing Ange) have already worked their magic on the 12x12 and 6x6 kits. The pressure is on! nah, just kidding.



At 6:22 PM, Anonymous susan j said...

Your work is ALWAYS stunning Marieke, so don't put pressure on yourself! You have no reason to worry!! I hope you had a great holiday!

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Hope it was a good break Marieke. The kit obviously arrived late for a reason.

At 7:10 PM, Anonymous meg said...

Now Marieke, if you don't mind... TAG! the challenge, if you would like to, is to write either six things that make you happy or six weird things about yourself. You can do it as a layout if you like, or just write in your blog, and link back to mine http://megcampbellback.typepad.com/ I have specifically chosen you guys to get some more kiwi girls in the mix! Hope you can play, meg


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