September 18, 2007


what to 'title' this post? Not sure so will just leave it like that. I'm not good at coming up with clever titles or names. Hence why I still haven't changed the name of my blog. May need me some 'Dutch courage' as suggested earlier. ;-). It may also explain why I struggle to come up with titles for my scrapbook pages. I want to try and be different but wonder if I miss the mark at times. Anyway, I digress.
Off all the names suggested I like Lynda's Dutchy Downunder best, even if I don't think I'm going to use it. So Lynda send me your address at marieke (dot) mb (at) paradise (dot) net (dot) nz. Obviously replacing the words for the appropriate symbols etc and without the spaces. I'll send you a little something next week for your idea. Reason I like it is because my on line screen name on some forums is Dutchy and I've been going by that name since I moved to New Zealand 9 years ago. Eek, has it really been that long?

Lime Tart gallery went up 4 days ago already. Mel and Melis never cease to amaze me with their talent. Eye candy! Here is a little teaser for ya. Check out the gallery!

The vase was totally inspired by my friend Celeste who decorated a vase with letter stickers for Making Memories Idol a few months ago. Thanks C, you rock!

Big shout out again to Mel who got picked for the American Crafts DT. Colour me green! I actually tried out for this and October Afternoon as well but obviously didn't get picked. First time since last October I've applied for anything. Oh well... Have you seen the yumminess that is October Afternoon? It's just screaming my name and I'm itching to get my hands on some.
Okay, better go deal with the pig sty that is my living room. I have a birthday party to celebrate in there next Friday (last day of term) as Annabel will be turning five next week! Whoa! Freak me out! Just this morning it finally hit me that there is no way I can still call her 'my little girl'. Because she's not. Almost five... wow..... It made me a bit sad. I remember how quickly Thomas lost that last bit of innocence when he started school. No more 'babies'. Two kids at school. I won't know myself! But it will go nicely with the alarming amount of grey hairs I found the other day.
Oh no, the living room can wait. I need to quickly make something for her PT and OT tomorrow. Last visits with them. Lots of lasts these few weeks....


At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Janine said...

love the candle holder, stunning. Wow 5 and off to school. She will be a big girl now, and I am sure she will tell you that over and over over the next few months. Enjoy the party, you are certainly brave having one on the last day of term :-). Enjoy her first day at school even though it may be sad for you, just think of the progress she has made and I bet she is itching to get there.

At 8:46 AM, Blogger scrapgeek said...

Good luck with the birthday! And living rooms can ALWAYS wait...

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Mel Nunn said...

Hey Marieke... I envy you having 2 at school... more free time! Or having to work more = less free time. Oh well. Love the candle holder thingy. I never thought to use rub ons like that.

Hope the party went well!

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just loved your work in the gallery this month as usual! Love working with you!


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