July 09, 2006

Whoa! Day two in blogging world and I have 10 comments on my first post?! That's freaky!
Uhm, just added some links just now.

Beautiful day today so I decided to take the kiddies to the park. Thomas is in serious need of practice to ride his bike without training wheels. Only second attempt today. Sigh, living in hilly Wellington doesn't make it any easier for him to try it. Even our street has a bit of a rise in it, which makes it very popular for skateboarders, esp since it's a dead-end, but not so ideal for a 5yo to learn to ride his bike.
They played beautifully together and it really made me feel like I'm doing something right after all. These holidays T has been a handful to put it mildly. Can't wait for school to start again.

John behaving his usual @*h self again. Living with a bi-polar partner is not good for your bloodpressure I tell you. I think the frustration of daily life at the moment has scared my creative spark away as well. Not much good is coming out of my hands these days, and what little I have done I usually hate the next day. In the past few weeks I have done two layouts three times over each. How sad is that?

Exciting stuff happening on the scrapping front pretty soon. I'll keep you posted.